Punta Cana Collection

Can you imagine a more idyllic setting than a coral stone home surrounded by exotic tropical gardens and the emerald green Caribbean as your backyard?

Punta Cana by Oscar de la Renta features a mélange of cast stone and faux rattan reflecting an attitude of relaxed island living.

This collection is remarkable for its scope and variety—from sophisticated 18th Century inspired teak pieces, to casually inviting upholstery, to Caribbean woven rattan designs. Each item incorporates individually hand-woven wickerwork, which is made of an innovative resin called Hularo®.

The Hularo® synthetic fibers are made from fully-dyed polyethylene materials, which are very strong, environmentally friendly, 100% toxic free, recyclable and maintenance free.
The material contains UV inhibitors preventing the woven fibers from drying out in the sun or fading in color. The lightweight, powder-coated aluminum frame gives excellent stability. This durable combination of materials creates furniture that is weather-resistant, colorfast and rust resistant.

The Collection