Pouchekine Upholstered Bed

Also available as 3827K (King size) W: 86″ D: 93″ H: 50.75″

Width: 70′
Depth: 93″
Height: 50.75″
Hardware: Hardware: White Gold (shown) or Fonderie

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An exiled author and playwright, Russia’s Alexandre Pouchkine was considered a thinker bold to the point of being seditious. Here, Jacques Garcia invokes his own sense of boldness. While upholstered beds are comfortable, they rarely achieve their potential. Here, Garcia solves that problem by daring to create a modern chair with good pitch and evolving it to a bed. A more interesting angular form follows that function.

The Pouchkine is upholstered on all four sides, and (optional) nail head trim frames both the inside and outside of the headboard. That allows it to be positioned near a window. Baker recommends that the combined mattress and box spring height not exceed 20″.