With his signature classic, crisp lines, architectural forms and impeccable tailoring, designer Thomas Pheasant carved a name for himself around the globe. At once daring and dapper–like a well-fitted suit–Pheasant creates iconic pieces that stand the test of time, from the Ritz dining chair and the Athens lounge to the Max sofa and beyond.

Pheasant’s latest collection of fabrics and stylish new stitching bring updated options to an already masterful collection. A palette of charcoal and chartreuse offer fresh perspective while new modern stitch options create an entirely new look on familiar frames.

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Left to right: Paris club chair, Paris sofa

What inspired your new fabric palette?

I have always been drawn to the colors found in the garden. There is something very striking about the look of a garden after a spring rain; the sharp contrast of dark greys created by wet tree bark and stone walkways yielding to fresh chartreuse leaves and moss. Both of those colors are nature’s ‘neutrals,’ I just brought them indoors.

How did texture play into your latest collection?

I always like to mix textures, especially if I’m working within one color for a room. Something smooth, something coarse, something shiny, something matte–when mixed, these textures give a color depth and infinite possibilities.

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Left to right: St. Germain arm chair, St. Germain side chair

What are the secrets to creating a successful room palette?

I tend to choose my neutral first and then introduce a color. Any color works well with a neutral foundation. In my Baker fabrics, I already had a palette of ivory and light platinum. This time, I wanted to bring a dark slate into the spectrum. I brought in the chartreuse to act as an accent color; this special green looks great with slate, platinum and ivory. It also looks great when used alone. Just as nature layers the landscape in green textures, I can easily see the various textures of chartreuse used together to build a spectacular single-color space.

Your new modern stitching breathes new life into some of your most iconic frames — how do you pair your fabric with a frame?

I definitely consider texture before covering any frame. Options like my new modern stitching or classic tufting can appear clumsy by fabrics that are too thick; heavily-textured wovens can cover the subtle details, so you’d want to choose something a little lighter to highlight the stitching.

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Paris club chair

What piece of advice would you give to someone designing with color?

Treat color like a neutral, commit to it and cover everything. I think taking any color and enveloping a room in it through subtle shifts in texture and tone immediately turns that color into a neutral.

If you are afraid of a bold color commitment, choose a neutral that reflects your personality. Warm, cool, dark or pale–these are the building blocks of your background. Next, think of how to bring in that bold color. For the uncommited, go with pillows, paint and accessories. If your feelings for a bold color are stronger, introduce it through major elements, like drapery, rugs and lounge chairs.  The key is to make your colors feel incorporated, not isolated.

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The Thomas Pheasant collection for Baker is available at Decor House Furniture today!