Ginger & Jagger, a Portuguese furniture label based outside Porto, the northern coastal city known as the home of Port wine, relies on keynotes from nature for its ideas and creations.

“We don’t design the forms—just the function,” says Paula Sousa, the Porto native who created and launched the brand successfully in 2012. Not only is she business savvy, Paula also serves as the creative director of Ginger & Jagger.

Using materials like brass and marble, Ginger & Jagger makes all its furniture precisely to order. Relying on local Portuguese artisans, Paula sources a great team to help her visions become a tangible reality.

First launched at the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair, the company now produces over 50 designs, with focused markets in the France, U.K. and Saudi Arabia. In addition to residential customers, whose orders must go through interior designers and architects, the label has commercial clients as well.

Aiming for the most accurate depictions of natural details, Ms. Paula Sousa trusted a trained jeweler to help her with brass pieces and more. Delicate vines and the highly detailed tree branches bring out the beauty and rarity of her brand.

The brand name, Ginger & Jagger, combines the soft “female” connotation of Ginger—recognizable, she says, as a woman’s name–with the harder “male” implications of Jagger. “Nature has two aspects, Delicate but hard.”


Inspired by everything from rose bushes to tree branches, Ms. Sousa is now looking to the kernel heads of wheat stalks for her next set of designs. Bringing a visionary mindset to a naturally creative world, Paula is truly a force to be reckoned with. As avid furniture consumers, we are definitely looking forward to her future creations.