If you have ever visited Venice, you may have noticed large pieces of oak wood emerging from the waters; these impressive oak posts are known as the Venice Briccole.

 These high-quality oaks become in the course of time a wood that is absolutely unique, precious, romantic and noble, thanks to its historical value and intrinsic characteristics. Riva 1920 has decided to grant these oak wood posts a third life by launching a collection of furniture made of Briccole that not only is beautiful but supports environment conservation. It should not be forgotten that wood is a precious but not infinite resource. Once more, nature is the absolute protagonist for arousing fascinating and unique emotions. 

With an incredible attention to detail and design, the Briccole posts go through an impressive process that has been perfected and enhanced over the decades. In this article we will shed light on the unique development that these furnishings experience by the reputable Italian company Riva 1920.


During the extraction process, special machinery is used to secure the Briccole posts, pulling them out from the bottom of the sea. Due to the natural wear of the ocean water on wood, this process is treated with extreme delicacy and attention in order to preserve and remove the post without breakage.


After being submerged for over 10 – 20 years in ocean water, these posts must go though several drying processes. Initially after extraction, the wood is stocked outside in the open air where it first comes in contact with atmospheric agents.


Next, the artisan processing begins. Each post and slab of extracted Briccole is individually treated to preserve the natural imperfections on the surface. This process ensures that each groove and crevasse is carefully cleaned and cleared of any means.


The Briccole wood is lastly treated with natural wax of vegetable origins in order to obtain a neutral effect thus ensuring a correct protection for the surface. Every element undergoes detailed tests to verify quality and functionality.

Riva 1920 is now available through Decor House Furniture.

Venice Briccole Console. By Italian furniture desginer Claudio Bellini.